​Josephine Phoenix​

Born in Miami Fl and raised in Brooklyn NY,  Josephine Phoenix carries a bit of the concrete city along with a tropical flair.  Her Mother was a Las Vegas Showgirl Dancer and Singer from Cuba, while her father was a Flamenco Guitarist with Lebanese and Spaniard roots. She's always looked up to them as their unconditional love for the arts and for each other was so palpable. “Ethnically entertaining" as she calls herself,  her inspiration comes from a variety of global sounds and films rich with passion and depth.

Growing up as an only child, she was always singing and playing dress up with her moms feather boas and heels, but at the age of 11, she fell in love with the clarinet. Playing all through out middle and highschool, many times as 1st chair, the Classical world was her home. 

Senior year she transferred high school for a 5th time, and found that in this Brooklyn school, what they had was a drama program. With no where to play clarinet , she decided to give acting a try. Around the same time she started to write songs and asked her father to teach her guitar.

Along with her high school program, she also studied theater at the Developing Artist Theater Co where she found that telling stories on stage and making people laugh had its own magic. After graduating, she attended the New York State Summer School of the Arts ( NYSSSA), a highly-competitive summer arts residential program where only 32 students in the state of NY are accepted.

Although there were plans to attend NYU, soon after NYSSSA she landed her first gig. She made a choice and became the lead singer of a mediterranean cruise ship called “The New Flamenco” with OpenWide International. There, she found that visiting new countries was its own school, her costars were also her teachers, and the exchange of energy with all different kinds of people fueled her creativity.

Soon after her long contract, she moved to Miami and started working with various spanish television shows as a Sketch Comedy Actress. Some shows were taped and others were Live, and her persona “Pepa” appeared on many different programs bringing humor and sex appeal on to the small screen.

Her presence on those television shows landed her her next endeavor : One of the hosts of iHeart Medias 94.9 FM Radio Morning show. As a self proclaimed “Morning” person, it was easy to wake Miami up. She interviewed high profile celebrities and made infamous prank calls with her many accents and improv skills. Working alongside Ismael Cala, Diane Fong and Humberto Rodriguez, she was grateful that they all taught her the art of Broadcasting.

Once her Radio contract was over, she longed to be in front of a live audience once again. After a few months of auditions and rejections, she finally got a Yes that broadened her horizons and added new stamps to her passport. She became a back up singer and multi instrumentalist for Spanish Recording Artist Ricardo Montaner. Entertaining audiences of over 15,000 people a night  all across South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. With Montaner she played clarinet, percussion, guitar and had her own Rap Solo.

After touring for some years, she finally started her own project and band and released 2 singles. “As Long as You’re Home” and "Some Things”.  Both songs under the Singer Songwriter genre, Josephine Phoenix and “Her Boys” played countless Miami and Broward venues, mixing her originals with Contemporary Pop, Brazilian Jazz , Spanish hits, and old school 60’s rock. They were also chosen by YouTube to do a Live Pop Up Video Session highlighting Miami’s up and coming artists and bands.

After a slue of callbacks for the Broadway Musical “On Your Feet”, the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, she decided to take theater seriously once again. Being so close to landing such an important lead role, she moved back to NYC in the summer of 2017 and attended the Stella Adler Musical Theater Summer Intensive Program. Enamored more than ever with theater and studying with Peter Flynn, Andrea Burns and an array of master classes with other renowned broadway actors, she started setting her eyes on the “Great White Way”.

In the Fall of 2017 she played her most favorite role yet - Queenie from the jazz musical “The Wild Party” with Area Stage Theater Co in Miami Fl. Written by Andrew Lippa, Broadway World gave her and the show rave reviews performing 4 times a week with a cast of brilliant costars. “It’s the roaring 1920's and the beautiful, young Queenie, although she tries, cannot find a lover able to satisfy her desires – until she meets Burrs, a vaudevillian clown with a voracious appetite for women.”

In 2018 she started Vlogging about her artistic journey with a comedic twist. Under the  JoPhoenixOutLoud title , she goes on about such things as Latinas at Auditions, or Andy Garcias hairy chest in Godfather 3. 

2018 was also the year she co starred as "Kate" in her first feature film "Nereus" with WOL Entertainment. Nereus was also chosen to be a part of the New York Latino Film Festival in the summer of 2018. Plot synopsis: “During a visit to friends, Sara begins having visions and is attacked by an unearthly creature in her friend’s swimming pool; she soon discovers that anyone who comes into contact with the water is in danger and she is driven to confront the mystical and malevolent creature lurking in the depths”

Josephine Phoenix lives to create, and especially creating with others . The arts, she believes, in any capacity is a service to the community, to humanity, and a voice that reaches heart mind and soul. She aspires to carry the message of unwavering love, however cliche that may sound, along with some humor, strength, and vulnerability.